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1864- June 13 Monday

Lee is alarmed to learn that Grant's army has slipped away from his lines around Cold Harbor. At daybreak this morning it was discovered that the army of Gen. Grant had left our front. Our skirmishers were advanced between 1 and 2 miles, but failing to discover the enemy were withdrawn, and the army was moved to conform to the route taken by him." So the ANV shifted southward, taking position from Malvern Hill to  White Oak Swamp, blocking the road to Richmond, a road Grant did not intend to take. 

From their position near Petersburg, Gen. Beauregard's lookouts quickly spot the Union flotilla bringing reinforcements to City Point. Beauregard reports, "I learn from scouts seven transports with troops passed up James River yesterday for Bermuda Hundred or City Point, to operate against Petersburg;  most likely latter." The easily aroused Beauregard quickly notifies Gen. Bragg of the activity in his sector. "Reports from Rock Wharf a large body of men at Newport News and fifty transports  are lying in Hampton Roads. It is rumored Grant intends advancing from south side."  Lt. Gen. R. S. Ewell was ordered to relieve Gen. Ransom as commander of the Department of Richmond ending his association with the Army of Northern Virginia.

Action, White Oak Swamp, White Oak Swamp Bridge,
Charles City Cross Roads, VA
INDIANA - 3d Cavalry.
MAINE - 16th Infantry.
MASSACHUSETTS - 12th , 13th and 39th Infantry.
NEW HAMPSHIRE - 1st Cavalry.
NEW JERSEY - 3d Cavalry.
NEW YORK - 8th and 22d Cavalry; 94th , 97th
and 104th Infantry.
PENNSYLVANIA - 11th , 88th , 90th , 107th , 190th
and 191st Infantry.
VERMONT - 1st Cavalry.
UNITED STATES - Battery "C & E" 4th Arty.
U.S.A.- 50 Killed, 250 Wounded
C.S.A.- Casualties not Reported


















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